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Learn How to Handstand From an Expert

Gain cues, drills, and new perspectives from a workshop created after 15 years of studying the art of balance.

4,000+ students currently
mastering the handstand.
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Height, weight, or age doesn’t matter.

Achieve more grace & fluidity in your arm balances.
Steph P.
Age 33
Canberra, Australia
Master handstand pushups and walks to approach your next event with even more confidence.
James R.
Age 55
Pennsylvania, USA
Find out how much your training has to gain from a new perspective.
Hasan K.
Age 26
United Kingdom
Learn the mentality and path towards progress to own this skill for the rest of your life.
Elis B.
Age 28
Train stability & upper body alignment while applying your strength in a new fun way.
Giuseppe F.
Age 36
Push past any perceived limitation, one handstand progression at a time.
Zuzana R.
Age 41
Put the athleticism you have towards a more effortless inversion.
Khai X.
Age 29
Enjoy discovering the parallels between martial arts and Yuri's hand balance philosophies.
Poz L.
Age 33
New York, USA
Learn the cues, theory, and progressions to help your clients get better results -- faster.
Vanessa A.
Age 40

A Modern Approach to Balance


Section 01

Warm Up

Learn Yuri's warm up routine that he has developed from years of handstand preparation.

Shoulders and Arms

Learn how Yuri gets the shoulders open and ready to hold your bodyweight.

Preparing the Wrists

Avoid wrist pain by learning the proper warm up.

Explore Your pain

Think of pain and other sensations from a new perspective.

Becoming Aware of Balance

Develop a new awareness for your body in space.

Priming the Hands for Balance

Prepare the hands to make all the corrections necessary for balancing.

Hand Technique

Feel how your wrists and fingers work to support your inversion.

Section 02


Understand the fundamental pillars of hand balance to build upon a solid base.

Arm Support

Feel the difference between being supported by your skeletal structure rather than your muscles.

The Path of Enrichment

A movement concept that can benefit you more than you think.

Frog Stand

Practice balance in a relatively safe position.

The Beginner's Path

Gain insight into the value of the process, especially when it gets hard.

Section 03

Progressing Toward Balance

Before you kick up into a freestanding handstand, practice the essential progressions.

Wall Fundamentals

Utilize practicing with a wall the right way so you learn to balance without it.

Wall Handstand Walks

Learn a powerful exercise for developing the minimal strength necessary.

Taking Handsteps

Mastering this technique will help your walk walks translate into a better freestanding balance.

Rest Your Elbows

Learn how to avoid wasting unnecessary energy.

Back to Wall Handstands

Practice this progression and learn the layers of difficulty you can add.

Elbow Positioning

Understand the details of your elbows throughout the kick up and the hold.

Weight in the Hands

Know exactly what you should feel in your hands and when to make adjustments.

Section 04

Falling Down

Become an expert in knowing exactly how to fall so you can train without fear.

Learning to Fall Part 1

Learn the proper way to cartwheel out of a fall.

Learning to Fall Part 2

Get familiar with the nuances of falling.

Learning to Fall Part 3

Find out if you have one of these “afraid of falling” styles and how to fix it.

Section 05

Putting It All Together

Combine what you've learned so far & start putting your new knowledge to practice.

Putting Together the Balance

Start to combine the isolated progressions thus far.

Layers of Balance Using the Wall

Learn the role of the hands, hips, and shoulders when you use the wall.

Avoiding Wrist Pain

Get advice on when to change your technique to reduce wrist compression.

The Freestanding Hand Balance

Combine all the tools Yuri offers to hold your handstand longer than your record.

The Kick Up

Master the entrance into the hold so you can control your momentum.

Lock the Shoulders

Learn the truth on how your shoulders play a role in your hold.

Where to Focus

What to pay attention to upside down.

You Don't Need a Partner

The Do’s and Dont’s for someone spotting you.

Make Skill Easy & Strength Hard

Have the effortless stability you are drawn to and inspired by.

Invest in learning perspectives no one else is teaching.

Unlocking The Handstand

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What else is included
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Learn the Most Desirable Handstand Skills


Two more hours of a more advanced workshop to build on and level up your new balance skills.

  • Handstand walk
  • Press to handstand
  • Handstand Pushup
  • Stalder Press
  • One arm handstand

Stuck? Just Ask Yuri.


Free access to our members-only support group dedicated to ensure you’re making progress. Here Yuri critiques & gives advice on your handstand videos.

Karol J.

My sad attempts. I need so much help here. I can do a wall walk and be upside down for maybe up to 30 seconds on a good day. But the kick up 😞

Yuri Marmerstein

So I think you’re actually on the right track with what you’re doing in the third video. I generally don’t recommend elevating your feet on a mat because you don’t want to get used to having that.

In the 2nd video you’re going into it too fast.

In the third video you were more or less doing the right thing. Setting your hands down and gradually kicking higher and higher.

Make sure that you land with your foot underneath your hips, if you’re moving further away then the landing will be much heavier

  • Ask questions
  • Get feedback
  • Troubleshoot with Yuri
  • Be held accountable
  • Receive Encouragement

Injury & Pain Prevention Warm Up Routine PDF


Have Yuri's warm up routine developed from years of handstand preparation at your fingertips.

  • Save time using this PDF to guide you through the warm up step-by-step.
  • “I think his wrist prep will change the world for those who practice it daily.”
    -Philip Nguyen

Lessons Refined Over 15+ Years

Meet Yuri Marmertstein

Vegas to Broadway and back.

Acrobatics, capoeira, martial arts, weight lifting, circus arts… the list goes on.

Yuri has spent nearly two decades performing, teaching and honing his craft.

He’s helped thousands of students at different skill levels with different struggles ...mainly because he, too, had the same exact struggles at one point.

Yuri Marmrstein doing a handstandYuri Marmrstein doing a handstand
$69 USD
100% Refund Guarantee

Handstand Transformations


Performance Coach

Decided to train his balance and wrist strength to hopefully improve his CrossFit movements.

"Almost triple what I was able to do previously."

Kieran gained confidence in his abilities to kick up and hold longer than before without his usual wrist pain.

Edinburgh, United Kingdom

CrossFit Athlete

Hoped to become more prepared for the CrossFit Games

"I learned I need to work on my mobility and flexibility."

Joshua gained a better awareness for becoming efficient in his balance movements. He practices the progressions while avoiding "muscling through it like most CrossFitters."

Boston, United States

Yoga & Movement Teacher

Hoped to break through her plateau and make significant progress.

"This is actually easier than a lot of us make it."

Emilie now feels more comfortable putting weight in her hands for her yoga practice and can also lift heavier.

Melbourne, Australia

Yoga & Handstand Enthusiast

Hoped to gain insights on how to improve and get unstuck.

"I'm really excited that I'm out of my plateau."

Olga moved past her mental barrier and now confidently handstand walks.

Warsaw, Poland

What Are Students Saying?

I've been in search of a good handstand teacher and have found many online or on youtube that are not nearly as detailed and professional. Happy with this so far.

Andrew B.


I am almost through the first course and it was very helpful. The frog stand with wrist strengthening/conditioning is clearly the missing pieces of what I needed.

Marc G.


Jose T.


Really new here and never posted before so I thought I would share a little win of mine! I practiced handstands for MONTHS before finding this class. Not even kidding, simply learning some proper wrist conditioning and the actual “sensation” to look for when trying to find balance (the weight shifting from front to back of the palm) was a COMPLETE game changer for me. Like WOW. Even though my hold in the balance is still only a few seconds. The FEELING in the handstand already feels insanely better. I am SO excited about this and can’t wait to share some more wins in the future. Thanks for sharing your wisdom Yuri!! 🤩🙏

Dominique B.


So far I've completed the first course which has been a blast. I found the info to be very helpful and also Yuri is an awesome teacher as he keeps things precise but so simple to understand and easy to implement. You guys have all my respect for the great work you do.

Bogdan S.


Rosalie S.


I’ve completed the first one and looking forward to the second one. The topics of learning to fall were great. I had lots of self talk about breaking my neck. Connecting it to a kart wheel was a big game changer for me. Completed my first freestanding handstand today too after watching it ...few seconds… But we will get there. Haha 

Andy J.


I thought the videos were very helpful.  And the way you cut it so that they’re all short is a good idea because then my mind couldn’t tell me I didn’t have time to watch such a long video.  I have already got a couple things that I think will make all the difference in my handstand training. I am very grateful for the course because I think it’s going to help me a lot.

Bobbi H.

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100% Refund Guarantee
$69 USD
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Most Desirable Balance Skills Workshop - 22 Lessons

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Access to Yuri in Support Group

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Injury & Pain Prevention Warm Up PDF

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