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Over 4,000+ students currently mastering their handstands.
Over 4,000+
students currently mastering their handstands.
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Fix that one thing making you lose your balance.

“My wrist pain won’t let me“
“I can’t shake the fear of being upside down“
“Something inside me doesn’t believe I could do it at all“
“I feel like it’s a matter of time before I fall out of it“
“I’ve hit a plateu and just don’t know how to get unstuck“

of students say the fear of falling is the biggest obstacle to their handstand.

I've been so afraid of falling because I'm 52 years old. But now that I have an idea of how to do it right, I'm less afraid.

Deb Taranik

Verified Student


You’re here to move away from that wall, win the battle against fear, hold freestanding for two minutes with ease, walk upside down, show off to the family, expand your body awareness, win a crossfit event, share your newfound knowledge with your clients, and do so with the attitude that it takes time to properly develop the skill and strength necessary.

Yuri Marmrstein doing a handstandYuri Marmrstein doing a handstand

Progress from the Ground Up

Wall Practice
Yuri Marmrstein doing exercises
Yuri Marmrstein doing elbows exercise
Yuri Marmrstein doing exercises
Yuri Marmrstein doing exercises
Yuri Marmrstein doing exercises

A Modern Approach to The Handstand



Straight to the Point Lessons

Watch each module, broken down into its smallest elements to build a strong foundation at your own pace. Enjoy learning from Yuri’s no-nonsense style.

4 hours of total course material
Lifetime access

Understand How to Implement

Apply the warm up, exercises, drills,
progressions, and philosophies that build on
each other as you go through the course.

Tested theory applied
Unique methodology

Share Your Progress

Connect and get feedback from your teacher, Yuri, and thousands of other members on their hand balance journey. Be supported and held accountable.

Access to members only private Facebook group
Access to personal feedback & Q&A with Yuri himself.

Chris W.

Really pleased with my progress so far! It’s weird how the handstand feels straight…then you look at your video and you look like a banana 🤦🏻‍♂️clearly need to focus on locking my arms more.

Hasan K.

Hey all, here's an update on what my handstand looks like at the moment. I'm definitely getting more confident with freestanding attempts 😃

Vanessa A.

Happy moment from straddle to L-sit, after many fails... Never give up! ❤🤸‍♀️

Reeh K.

I'm proud of my progress. Seeing everyone else's is motivation.

Zuzana R.

Hi, I feel like I am getting there and the next kick will be the one when it all will come together. There have been quite few kicks since then 😝 Consistency and practice must do.

Giuseppe F.

Maybe some small improvements in my shoulder mobility, meanwhile my goal at the moment is just to get comfortable while in handstand, so I’m basically trying to play with it, moving my legs and stuff (tuck is way too difficult for now) XD

Jimena V.

I’m getting closer! Any tips welcome! 🙏🏻💙

James R.

About 5 weeks in now. Also practicing drills of HSPU. The holds at the bottom are really helpful. I feel more in control on my press up to starting position. Can’t say enough great words on how much this program has given me some real structure to my training.

Cedric A.

Getting close to that 10 sec hold. 🤸

Cat F.

I'm really proud of my wobble at the top here because it's the start of me correcting my form at the top. I also started to "feel" what the rounded back should feel like on the way up 😅 thanks for all your tips Yuri. It doesn't look like it yet but it is helping!

Khai X.

Thx @Yuri for your advice. I did the kicking up drills without the intention to try to balance. Somehow with no expectations from the beginning of trying to kick into balance makes it less stressful.

Steph P.

Two of my longest handstands and I did them in a row!!! Progress is coming much faster now that I can balance more reliably 😁😁 the drills in the course have helped me so much!!

Angeles S.

Hiii!!! I may be one of the most newies here but I am happy to have achieved this because I had a big mental blockage and could never ever do handstand...so i wanted to share my little improvement 💪

Elis B.

Putting into practice what I learnt from unlocking the handstand.... long way to go 💪

Poz L.

Previous to trying Yuri’s class I’d just kick up and hope to get lucky. I’m definitely feeling the control over balance this method seems to offer. Please ignore my wife’s heckling. 😅

A Curriculum Born from
15+ Years of Experience

Meet Yuri Marmertstein

Yuri’s courses come from a knowledge base that spans over 15 years of teaching & training  in disciplines such as capoeira, gymnastics, martial arts, weightlifting, dance, and circus arts to name a few.

Yuri Marmrstein Student Photo

Sam Miles

Verified Student

“Teachers often don’t do a great job teaching skills which are natural to them, and then they don’t understand why a student can’t copy them or what they’re missing to get there. Yuri’s movement philosophy resonates deeply with me. My upside down skills have been revolutionized.”

One of the most sought after balance trainers & professional acrobats in the world.

Yuri Marmrstein doing exercises

Yuri has never considered himself a natural for any aspect of his hand balance skills. He credits his simple yet profound teaching style to years of being self-taught without using resources like there are today.

Yuri Marmrstein doing exercises

He has appeared on stages from Vegas to Broadway and traveled the world teaching his perspective on hand balancing, acrobatics, and other physical practices to students everywhere.

Yuri Marmrstein doing exercises

Yuri’s Courses Cover:

Shoulder Position
Wrist Preparation
5 Entries to Practice
Awareness of Balance
Selective Tension
Hand Technique
Arm Support
Frog Stand
The Beginner's Path
Wall Fundamentals
Stalder Press
Elbow Positioning
Weight in the Hands
Learning to Fall
Avoiding Wrist Pain
The Kick Up
Where to Focus
Handstand Pushup

Let the Wall

Empower You

Utilize practicing with a wall the right way so you learn to balance without it.

Course 1 / Block 3 / Lesson 1

Beat Your

Best Time

Combine all the tools Yuri offers to hold your handstand longer than your personal record.

Course 1 / Block 5 / Lesson 5

Experience the

Right Hip Position

Learn the truth on how your hips play a role in your hold.

Course 2 / Block 3 / Lesson 2

Prevent Wrist

Pain & Injury

Move past your wrist pain by learning the proper warm up.

Yuri Marmrstein doing exercises
Course 1 / Block 1 / Lesson 2

Explore a Child-like

State of Play

Develop a new awareness for your body in space by learning a fun skill.

Course 1 / Block 2 / Lesson 4

Kick Up


Master the entrance into the hold so you can control your momentum.

Course 1 / Block 5 / Lesson 6

Conquer Fear to

Focus on Balance

Learn the proper way to cartwheel out to save you from getting injured

Course 1 / Block 4 / Lesson 2

Practice Correct

Hand Technique

Feel how  your wrists and fingers work to support your inversion

Course 2 / Block 2/ Lesson 1

Stop Relying On

Your Muscular Force

Understand how to have your skeletal system support you rather than your muscles

Course 2 / Block 3 / Lesson 4

Build Stability Where

It Matters Most

Have the effortless stability you are drawn to and inspired by

Course 2 / Block 3 / Lesson 5
Course 1 / Block 1 / Lesson 2
For Yogis
Achieve more grace & fluidity in your arm balances.
For Crossfit Athletes
Excel in your next upside down event. Whether its handstand pushups or walks, approach it with confidence.
For Lifters
Train your stability & upper body alignment while applying your strength in a new fun way.
For Movers
Let yourself get lost in exploring new perspectives on the practice.

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